YOS Exam

YOS Examis the exam run by universities in Turkey to accept foreign students. Each year 50.000 students have this exam. Each university announces on their web site the exam content, exam date and the quotes.
It About Usually has %60 IQ (Intelligence Questions) and %40 mathematic questions.

IQ questions’ subjects are as follows:

- Counting the cubes
- Finding the correct image to complete the second line according to the first line’s correlation
- Finding the correct image to complete the third line according to the first two line’s correlation
- Finding the different images
- The correlation of letter and numbers
- The correlation of numbers and images
- Finding the missing letters in letter charts
- Addition and subtraction with images
- Finding the missing image in an images’ line

Mathematics’ questions are as follows:
- Rational and decimal numbers
- Ratio and proportion
- Factoring
- Equations
- Sets
- Polynomial
- Functions
- Limit
- Trigonometry
- Logarithms
- Derivatives
- Integral
- Matrix
- Determinant
- Geometry

About Usually private universities accept students only by their diploma. They evaluate their last three years’s scores in each classes. BecaAbout Use especially dentistry, medicine, law, pharmacy faculties are more preferred by a big number of students, naturally acceptance to those faculties are always more difficult.