KLC Education Co. Ltd.

Danışmanlık ve Organizasyon Hizmetleri” to support companies and persons working with foreign partners or having foreign customers with language solutions either in education or in translation services. In 2017 by turning out to be a limited, ministerial company, it became a language center with the aim of providing all the services related to languages mentioned above.

In 2023 obtained the certificate of British Council through its partnership with a sister company running business in the UK, activated Jordan and İstanbul branches and also started a partnership with a German student exchanging agent desiring to enhance its services in terms of student placements into British, German and Turkish universities as well as vocational trainings, also to the language schools all over the world. During the procedure, thinking that the service of providing students coaching and mentoring services beginning from early ages with the support of student-parent coaches and physcologists and many tests fulfilled to reveal the academic and mental capabilities, pros and cons of the students before getting started to plan their carreer is crucial, students aiming to study abroad are evaluated carefully before any country or school choices within the frame of their situation, their desires and of course family’s financial status. Additionally in following up students’ needs after moving to another country our partners take role.

As a summary, KLC Education Co.Ltd. has always aimed to be a developing company in educational field while it is supporting its students in their academic and personal developments.

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