Education System in United Kingdom

It is obligatory to study 11 years in the UK. Students complete their instruction between the ages of 5 and 16. The system has got a curriculum consisting of compulsory classes as well as optional classes. It is a system designed mainly by considering students’ personal talents and characteristics

What Is GCSE?

Students complete their obligatory instruction by going into GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. They might not continue studying after the exam and prefer to start working, they can decide to continue with the schools called “college” where they can have vocational courses or they can continue with two years of “A Level” study which we can name as a bridge between high school and university becaAbout Use they prepare students for the degrees they would like to study at university. Students who have not studied obligatory classes in educational period during 11 years are unable to get A Level study.

As KLC EDU Co. Ltd. even if the students do not study in British educational system, by providing them 5 online classes that we would choose with native British teachers while they are continuing their national schools in their countries, we increase their future chance to get acceptance from a British University.

British Schools Providing A Level

+ Cambridge Tutors College
+ Kings Education
+ International School of Creative Arts
+ CATS College
+ Loughborough College
+ Bellerbys College
+ Duff Miller College
+ MPW Colleges
+ Chelsea Independent College
+ David Game College

In addition, “boarding schools” have great importance in British Educational System. These schools by accepting students at early ages, they raise world citizens by easing students to adapt to the system earlier by empowering their self confidence, self management and teaching them team work and of course a certain discipline in all terms.

Boarding School's List in The United Kingdom

+ Rendcomb College
+ King’s College Taunton
+ Rishworth School
+ Padworth College
+ Farringstons School
+ Langley School
+ Morton Hall Girl’s School
+ St. James Senior Boys School
+ Owestry School
+ St. Christopher School
+ Bredon School
+ St.Bees
+ Ellesmere College
+ Warminstor College

What is Foundation Year?

Students have always chance to get into British educational system in early ages as well as studying obligatory part in their countries and having intention to study in British Universities. In this case, they have to study forndation class prepared for foreign students so that they have chance to adapt British educational system.

It is not an English preparation class, contrarily it provides the classes matching with the degree they would like to study at university. Students can get acceptance to foundation classes in case they have an average and above average score in high school, providing IELTS 5.5 and of course proving the financial statement of his/her sponsor is convenient to afford expenses of the student in the UK.

At the end of the year if the students can get the score university required, he/she can stay at the same university and continue with his/her university education if not, his/her admission to another university accepting his/her score is fulfilled.

British Universities List

+ Anglia RAbout Uskin University
+ Bolton University
+ Bradford University
+ Bristol University
+ Buckingham University
+ Camborne Madencilik Okulu
+ Cambridge University
+ Canterbury Christ Church University
+ Central Lancashire University
+ Chester University
+ Cumbria University
+ Durham University
+ Edge Hill University
+ Essex University
+ Exeter University
+ Lancaster University
+ Leeds University
+ Leicester University
+ Liverpool Hope University
+ Liverpool John Moores University
+ Liverpool University
+ Manchester Metropolitan University
+ Manchester University
+ Newcastle University
+ Nottingham University
+ Open University
+ Oxford University
+ Plymouth University
+ Salford University
+ Sheffield Hallam University
+ Sheffield University
+ SAbout Ussex University
+ York University (İngiltere)